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Launch Promo: 1 free month of Starter!

Use code LIFTOFF at checkout.

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Amp up your brand awareness with the help of your biggest Nuts*

*Nuts may include: supporters, advocates, advisors, investors, and fans.

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Plans starting at $5/month

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Why use Nut Tree?

You’re doing good work. But with a little help from your friends, you’d be doing even better.

Grow your SaaS Brand

Social selling is a must, these days. You need to show up in more conversations - without being awkward or promotional.

Direct your supporters to comment on your behalf, with authentic recommendations.

Scale your Show

You’ve got a podcast or series worth sharing. You just need a bigger audience.

Make it easy for your biggest fans to amplify your show and spread the word… and reward them for helping!

Launch with more BOOM

Your new product is about to drop and you’ve got to coordinate your supporters to get the word out.

Invite people willing to help and schedule requests they can help with - on launch day and beyond.

Promote an Event

You’re building momentum for an upcoming event.

Activate your team and attendees to mention the event in related social threads and create buzz.

Activate Employees

Your team is busy and needs a way to help out - that doesn’t take time away from their work day.

Push out simple requests that employees can take action on right in the browser, when it works best for them.

Pump up your Presence

You are on a mission to grow your personal brand - and can use all the help you can get.

Get help from people who support you and start showing up in more networks than just your own.

Amplify your Cause

Non-profits usually have small marketing teams and budgets - but a lot of fans.

Activate your supporters and help more folks hear about your powerful mission!

Superhero marketer squirrel

Make your small marketing team feel like a big one.

Growing a brand online is no small task. With Nut Tree, it only takes one click to get help from the advisors, advocates, and fans who support your brand.

How it works...

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Supercharge and streamline your advocacy program.

Or let us help you get one off the ground – the right way.

Location, location, location

Your advocates don’t want to check another Slack or Discord channel. And they certainly aren’t seeing your email updates.

Nut Tree lives where your advocates are: their browser. No need for additional apps or distracting notifications.

Timing is everything

It’s a logistical nightmare to get your advocates to take action at the right time, on the right things.

Nut Tree allows you to schedule requests in advance – and set when they expire.

Know who to thank

It’s a huge pain to figure out which of your advocates are actually helping out.

Nut Tree takes care of all of that, allowing you to easily thank and reward top performers.

Show up right

No one wants to be the brand that smothers social conversations or hijacks threads.

Nut Tree allows you to set limits of how many times a request should be completed before... *poof*

Squirrel saving money

A price tag your boss won’t look twice at.

Nut Tree is built for and by a scrappy team with big dreams. Our pricing (starting @ $5/mo) means you can start today – and look like a rockstar by your next performance review.

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