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It’s the fast, fun way to support a brand you love online.

Support companies you care about.

Nut Tree makes it easy to support a brand that needs your help to grow faster. Imagine there’s a relevant social thread, but it would be awkward for the brand to show up and toot their own horn. Now it’s easy for you to join in (when it works for you) and leave supportive, authentic comments.

Easy to use, right from your browser.

No need to check another Slack group or dig through your inbox. Nut Tree’s browser extension makes it simple to see when your help is needed and take action without leaving your workflow.

You’ve got a lot on your plate.

So Nut Tree makes it easy to swipe through requests and decide which ones to help with - or not. You’ll get notified in your browser, can see requests from multiple trees (if you’re that popular), and take action with just one click. Then back to your day job!

Suggest links to help even more.

See an interesting social thread or link? Nut Tree makes it easy to share links you find - and help the brand you support show up in the right places online.

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Start your own tree.

It’s great to help others (yay, you!) but you can also create your own Tree - starting at only $5/month.

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